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Occupied regions are expecting recognition of independence from the new authorities
14:40 04.10.2012
Occupied regions of Georgia are expecting recognition from new government of the country. They say, this is the only way for Ivanishvili to establish normal relations with Russia too.
13:16 17.09.2012
Russian occupants did not let Georgian children pass the administrative border
Russian occupants did not let Georgian children pass the administrative border at the village Pakhulan bordering the occupied territories. All the pupils from first to seventh grade living in the village Saberio were forced to go to the Russian school.
10:46 11.08.2012
Tskhinvali requests from Russia recognition of the genocide of South Ossetian people carried out by Georgian side
According to the international law, “if there are armed people among the population, who resist the authorities, it is very difficult to qualify it as a genocide”, - Magkaev says.
10:47 08.08.2012
Occupants physically assault population in Gali
Russian soldier seized President’s gift “Netbook” from the first-grade child while he was crossing the border and the military broke it.
18:00 31.07.2012
Russian “FSB” strengthens security in Gali
According to “Apsnipress” the sides discusses the security issues in the Gali region. Namely: current situation at Abkhazai and Georgian administrative border and the issue of arranging new passes for pedestrians.
11:16 21.07.2012
A field hospital was opened in Telavi
The injured people are getting medical aid there from the medical staff of the military hospital of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.
11:26 20.07.2012
Ankvab is against construction of the road connecting Circassia and Sokhumi
Alexander Ankvab said he opposes construction of trans-Caucasian highway, which should connect Karachay Circassia to Sokhumi. He was asked about it during the press-conference in Sokhumi and the answer of the puppet regime leader turned to be unexpected for many…
12:52 13.07.2012
Separatists launched a raid in Gali
We check the identity documents of civilians and verify whether or not they are residents of the region” – Koghonia said.
11:54 11.07.2012
Moscow starts inspection of occupation bases
Vladimir Chirkin will arrive in Tskhinvali and Dzau region, where military unites are placed, he will observe their combat trainings, check the principles of recruitment of personnel, weapons' conditions and the issue of provision of material means.
10:13 09.07.2012
Tskhinvali speaks about explosive situation in the, so-called, border zone
The puppet regime requests cancelation of Georgian police post in the village Zardiantkari again.
10:24 03.07.2012
In case of non-fulfillment of request, separatists threaten with straining the situation
“Growth of military potential of Georgia, aggressive rhetoric against South Ossetia, constant provocations on the border territories shows that Georgian government is aimed at escalating the situation again and that it has revanchist plans”, - statement of the break-away regime’s so-called Foreign Affairs Ministry reads.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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