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08:57 03.07.2012
Stencil of independence has been removed in Abkhazia
A stencil on the border river Psou, which was notifying visitors arrived from Russia that they were on the territory of Abkhazia, has been removed. “Get rid of illusions, illusions about the creating of Abkhazian independent state. They do not care for our independence”, - that is how Abkhazians responded to this fact.
13:28 21.06.2012
Separatist regime released Georgian citizen
As the head of Analytical Department of Internal Affairs Ministry of Georgia, Shota Utiashvili said to “”, that 55-years-old Zaza Tavadze was released before starting the meeting.
10:48 19.06.2012
Abkhazian expert: no one is going to consider the issue of recognition of Abkhazia in Serbia
“I contacted representative of non-governmental sector, but the topic of recognition of the independence of Abkhazia is not considered there. I was watching news programs and reading newspapers too, but there was no word about Abkhazia” – Khashig said.
10:08 19.06.2012
Karabakh requires setting sanctions for Azerbaijan
As the website “Armenia Today” reports, Azerbaijani militaries killed Kharabakh defence army soldier Aram Gulnazaryian and this fact is an obvious challenge for the OSCE and the boycott against the commitments of official Baku.
12:40 16.06.2012
Sokhumi regime will no longer let Abkhazian patients to go to Georgian side for medical treatment
According to the statement of Abkhazian so-called, Prime-Minister Leonid Lakerbaia, the so-called, Ministry of health will no longer let Abkhazian patients go to Georgian side for treatments. Lakerbaia made announcement about it during the meeting with the representatives of the fund of disabled people.
11:53 01.06.2012
New high-speed train will run from Moscow to Abkhazia
The railway trips will be carried out from today. From today the 15-carriages train N 075 “Moscow-Sokhumi” will run every day from Moscow’s Kursk station.
10:17 31.05.2012
Abkhazia works on exhumation and identification of people lost in the war
Abkhazian puppet regime said that they are not going to politicize process of exhumation and identification of the people lost in the Abkhazian-Georgian war.
10:05 30.05.2012
Eduard Kokoity arrived in Sokhumi
Kokoity said during the meeting with Ankvab, that he plans to establish a fund, which will be busy with developing public and cultural relations between the, so-called, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia
12:56 19.05.2012
Tskhinvali separatist regime demands explanation from Russia
The so-called Foreign Ministry of Tskhinvali separatist regime sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry, in which it is asking explanation regarding the arrest of “South Ossetia” so-called, Deputy Bala Bestauti. Bastauti was arrested yesterday at the Russian-South Ossetian “border”.
11:01 19.05.2012
The new puppet regime is manned in Tskhinvali
It has not been officially spread so far, but as “Ekho Kavkaza” reports, Anatoli Barankevich has been appointed on the so-called, position of Vice-Prime Minister yet two days ago.
10:07 18.05.2012
Separatist regime simplified procedures of entering Akhalgori region
The so-called South Ossetia has simplified, as they call it, “border crossing procedure” at the Akhalgori region entrance points. The formal barriers existed there for obtaining the, so-called, Form N9, are now canceled too.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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