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10:51 20.04.2012
Russian peacekeepers installed explosives near the school territory in Abkhazia
Russian peacekeepers installed explosive substances at the boarder of occupied Abkhazia. “” was informed about this by the source from the occupied territories. According to the source, occupants installed explosives at the borders of Ganmukhuri and Otobaia.
10:41 19.04.2012
“The presidential certificate” will be handed to Tibilov
According to Tskhinvali media, “on inauguration day, the newly elected president will also hold a number of bilateral meetings with foreign delegations”. However, it is not specified which foreign delegations are going to be there.
12:53 10.04.2012
Leaders of separatist regimes agreed to meet
Kremlin-appointed policeman Ankvab and former leader of “KGB” Tibilov proved devotion to each-other and postponed discussing issues of future cooperation till the face to face meeting in more calm atmosphere, - “apsnipres” reports.
14:54 06.04.2012
Zakaev: Putin has steered Russia in a gangster direction
"For the past 12 years Putin has steered Russia in a gangster direction. He first used these methods in Chechnya, and then in Russia. He's now exporting them abroad. Putin considers England to be an unfriendly country. He is happy to damage its reputation while the Olympics take place,” – Zakaev said.
13:03 06.04.2012
Ala Jioeva: Presidential candidates have been chosen in accordance with the Kremlin’s interests
Tskhinvali oppositional leader Ala Jioeva, which was discharged from the hospital not long ago, said that all the candidates of so-called, presidential elections have been put forward and chosen in accordance with the Kremlin’s interests. Jioeva spoke about it in the interview with “Komersant”.
16:53 03.04.2012
Communist Kochiev gives his votes to “KGB agent” Tibilov
Stanislav Kochiev, who got a last place in Tskhinvali, so-called, presidential elections, and his communistic team, will support KGB former leader, Leonid Tibilov in the second round elections. Leonid Tbiliov received majority of the votes in the first round.
19:31 29.03.2012
Abkhazian spec-unit has arrested citizen of Georgia
Abkhazians arrested a citizen of Georgia, who, according the separatists, has “crossed the border illegally”.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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