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Commercial methods of locked up oligarch: how does Ivanishvili steal “likes”?
15:02 24.03.2012
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[Maia Qartvelishvili]

How to milk and rule billionaire oligarch? The recipe is quite simple, if the latter has a less developed political sensitivity and intelligence, but the ambitious equal to infinity.

All the members of Ivanishvili’s “circle” already know it perfectly well. For the labor cost, each of them take from the billionaire, as Bidzina himself would say, much more then the “Market value” is, however no one have seen their work yet.

However, it does not really matter. It turned to be the easiest procedure to create the illusion for Ivanishvili, that each of them is the figure of unlimited importance in his possession and without them Bidzina will never be able to get his dreamed governmental chair.

In addition to all these, we have oligarch’s already well-decoded psycho-type, which makes it quite easily-achievable task to rule Ivanishvili’s thoughts, emotions, impressions, actions and attitudes towards concrete persons.

The responsible task of oligarch’s govern-enslavement, was took under the leadership of renowned expert in the management of the oligarchs’, Gia Khukhashvili, who was twisting so much, that eventually he obtained the status of main friend of Ivanishvilis’ family.

After gaining the honorable title of “Bidzina’s friend”, Khukhashvili settled down in the Sololaki palace, sits there cross-legged as a Shah and everything shows that if no one leads him out with the force, he is not going to leave the military positions voluntarily for a long time. Bidzina sees a helpmate in Khukhashvili and believes in his every word as much as he believes in the fact, that his rapper son is another Eminem.     

Khukhashvili fitted a new role and now proudly gives orders on the right and left sides. According to the rumors spread from Bidzina’s circle, in reality, exactly this expert makes all those decisions that are connected to oligarch and to the events developed around him. Ivanishvili, subjected to Khukhishvili, announces the ideas of great expert as a mouthpiece.   

The expert of everything, Mr. Khukhishvili was misled by the questions of “”, however, the information that he wanted to conceal during the interview was still slipped in speaking. It turned out that Khukhashvili gives advise-directives to Ivanishvili during the joint dinners.

“”: is it true that you make unilateral decisions in Bidzina Ivanishvili’s team?

Gia Khukhashvili: in which team?  

 - In Ivanishvili’s team…

 - I am not in Ivanishvili’s team and I have no formal connections with this group either.

I have a personal relationship with Ivanishvili, as well as, with many other people. During our meeting we talk about many issues… We have a dinner and we talk with each-other…

 - Does Ivanishvili announce during the press conferences advices given by you on the joint dinners?   

- He may considered them, may not. It is his choice. Friendship is not forbidden, right?

- Do you govern Ivanishvili?

- I do not feel any irritation towards me coming from his team and I do not know where this information came from. I have a good relationship with them and no one has ever rebuked me for that.  

- Mr. Gia, please, answer on our question, does Ivanishvili announce those ideas and advices, that he gets from you on your dinners or the personal meetings?

- I do not speak on political issues with him. I can advice him nothing in this regard. If he takes political advices from me, he will just destroy everything. I do not have any experience of being a politician.

- Neither Ivanishvili is a politician…

- I have no professional skills in this direction.  

- During the personal meetings with Bidzina Ivanishvili and during giving advices, you do not speak about politics?

- Not about politics. We talk about the state and country’s development, as well as on general topics”.

As for the second “politician” member of Ivanishvilis’ family - billionaire’s wife, Eka Khvedelidze, the responsible task of “my Eka’s” ruling and catching under the influence was taken by the new “friend” of Khvedelidze, old and skilled “Republican” Tina Khidasheli, constantly watching as a cat from her eye-eyebrows.     

Despite of the husband’s attempts of getting her into the politician arena, “My Eka” did not manage to transform to a politician and, in fact, she still remains there were she was before, it means, “in the kitchen”; however old parties still see necessity of controlling her. Therefore, they placed “weighted” female representative to Khidasheli-Ivanishvili.     

Meanwhile, oligarch’s palace still remains locked “reservation”, where to the one hermit family hundreds of spongers are added now. They feel themselves as a fishes in the water behind that fence. They greedily, quietly and consistently change the location of billionaire’s sick purses and money-boxes towards their pockets and from time to time, obsessed with a desire of getting larger piece, grumble to each-other too.

აღდგომის დღეებში, სასწრაფო სამედიცინო დახმარების ცენტრში 6290 გამოძახება დაფიქსირდა
ცოლის მკვლელობისთვის ბრალდებულს 11 წელი მიესაჯა
სამეგრელოში ხე-ტყის უკანონო ტრანსპორტირების ფაქტი გამოვლინდა
"თურქეთში ჩატარებული რეფერენდუმის შედეგები დიქტატორად არ გადამაქცევს"
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