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The President Mikheil Saakashvili will deliver a speech on the nuclear summit in Seoul
15:06 24.03.2012
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[Teona Managadze]

President Mikheil Saakashvili’s speech is expected on the nuclear summit in South Korea, Seoul in the end of the month.

Deputy Minister of energy and natural resources Nino Enuqidze reported it in the parliament while presenting the bill “about Nuclear and Radiation safety”.

According to Enuqidze, the bill was prepared based on recommendations of the U.S. nuclear regulatory commission of the international Atomic Energy Agency and the European commission experts’ missions. It regulates legal relationships between the authorities and physical or juridical persons (who conduct a work related to nuclear and radioactive materials, as well as, to ionizing radiation sources). Also, the project will determine the mechanisms of the state control over nuclear and radioactive activities. The aim of the bill is determination of nuclear and radiation safety state policy and strategy.     

She stated, that the project should be adopted before the nuclear summit in the South Korea, Seoul scheduled in the end of the month, as on the summit the President Mikheil Saakashvili is going to deliver a speech.

„We want to have the specific topics in this important sector well regulated, as our American and European colleagues recommend. The recommendations were made over the years, but the law in force was outdated. Accordingly, the bill is developed with the initiative of an experienced American and European experts in this field. The law adopted in 1998, which still is in force, does not correspond to reality, the procedures are complicated there. The current law is so outdated that the ministries mentioned in it no longer exist in nature”, - Enuqidze said.        

The Deputy Minister explained that the functions are divided among various ministries now and the problem with the old law is that the possibility of adopting sub-legislative acts is not considered there.

“For example, the permissible limit for the radiation amount exists, but the body for ascertaining it is not functioning. Now the Heath Ministry and the Ministry of energy and natural resources settle it. All the procedures are described step by step in the new law. One of the main issues is that the current law considers transit of the nuclear and radioactive waste and issue of bringing them in the country. According to the Article 230 of the Criminal Code, it is a crime. In addition, the separate law about “transit and import of the waste on the state territory” exists and it directly prohibits import of the waste in the country”, - said Enuqidze.

As for the project, its reviewing process is speeded up and it is going to be approved in this week.

აღდგომის დღეებში, სასწრაფო სამედიცინო დახმარების ცენტრში 6290 გამოძახება დაფიქსირდა
ცოლის მკვლელობისთვის ბრალდებულს 11 წელი მიესაჯა
სამეგრელოში ხე-ტყის უკანონო ტრანსპორტირების ფაქტი გამოვლინდა
"თურქეთში ჩატარებული რეფერენდუმის შედეგები დიქტატორად არ გადამაქცევს"
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