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15:20 09.08.2012
Speaker of the “National Movement” will be Chiora Taktakishvili
Spokesperson of the “United National Movement” will be the Deputy Chiora Taktakishvili. The new spokeswoman was introduced to the media representatives today by the Secretary-General of the movement, Mikheil Machavariani.
15:01 09.08.2012
Audit Service – most of the illegal donations have been received by “Georgian dream”
According to the report presented by the State Audit Service, which was connected to funding of the political parties, 90% of donations are made illegally. In the same report, most of the illegal donations have the coalition “Georgian dream” and it amounts to GEL 18,393,634.
14:29 09.08.2012
BBC publishes an article about elections planned in Georgia
“Georgia has just announced that parliamentary elections will be held on 1 October. They are being seen as the biggest test facing the country's democracy since the Rose Revolution in 2003”, - this is how influential media source BBC assesses elections in Georgia planned in fall.
10:11 09.08.2012
The parties will continue pre-election campaign in a usual regime from today
The “National Movement” decided to stop pre-election campaign on August 7-8, as they believed that on these days the government should have been busy with paying honor to the heroes fallen in the war.
10:04 09.08.2012
Contest announced in connection with the elections by CEC will be finished today
Today the contest of the CEC announced for the provision of the parliamentary election voting procedure in Afghanistan will be ended. Receiving applications in the commission was started on August 6.
16:05 08.08.2012
Putin confirmed that he has approved August war plan prepared by the General Staff
Putin also noted that on August 7 and 8 he personally called Medvedev and Serdiukov and took part in the process of decision to attack Georgia. “The plan existed. The plan was prepared by the General Staff and I approved it somewhere, at the end 2006, in early 2007”, - Putin said.
15:01 07.08.2012
David Bakradze: we all should fight to unify Georgia as soon as possible
“Today, I want to specially ask all our colleagues and rivals: let’s argue on any topic, criticize us regarding any issue, abuse us, but do not abuse the country, do not trample down honor of our fallen heroes and do not say that Georgians were guilty”
16:07 04.08.2012
Vano Merabishvili: we must become the healthiest nation
“Our aim is to create health-care system, where opportunity of having medical treatment will exist for every Georgian citizen, for those, who are not children, who do not receive pension; they should be able to get treatment at affordable prices. We must become the healthiest people”, - Premier said.
12:41 04.08.2012
Mikheil Saakashvili is in Beshumi to celebrate the holiday “Shuamtoba”
Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the coalition “Georgian dream” was going to attend the celebration of “Shuamtoba” in Beshumi too, however, he has not appeared there yet.
11:09 03.08.2012
CEC continues registration of the parties
Central Election Commission continues registration of the parties. 36 political parties have submitted the application so far and 10 of them have been already registered.
14:51 02.08.2012
“Georgian dream” does not rule out street protests after the elections
“Going out to the streets is our constitutional right and we may will use this right”, - Maia Panjikidze, the spokesperson of Bidzina Ivanishvili, said during a briefing held today.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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