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19:30 28.07.2012
Kaladze is going to make information about his accounts transparent
“We are ready to answer on the question – where was more than a million GEL spent; we are ready to make this information avaliable for everyone”, - Kaladze said.
13:12 27.07.2012
Sequestration of Kakha Kaladze’s accounts will be appealed today
In connection with the sequestrated bank accounts of Kakha Kaladze, lawyers will appeal to Tbilisi Appellate Court today. “” was informed about it by the lawyer Shalva Tadumadze.
17:08 26.07.2012
“Free Georgia” office has opened in Terjola
Kakha Kukava informed the particpants about “Free Georgia” pre-electoral priorities and discussed bank loan problems.
17:05 26.07.2012
Lasha Tordaia: I have an initiative to carry out consultations with political parties
According to the statement of the head of the State Audit Service, Lasha Tordia, the Audit service will continue the course, which was chosen during Levan Bejashvili’s time.
17:04 26.07.2012
Dimitri Shashkini met with the United States European Command Rear Admiral
Implementation of the Agreement reached between the Georgian and United States presidents was a main topic of discussion at the meeting. The U.S. is assisting Georgia with enhancing its defence capabilities.
15:47 26.07.2012
David Bakradze presented the new head to the State Audit Service employees
Parliament Speaker David Bakradze presented the new head – Lasha Torida – to the State Audit Service employees today. According to the statement of Bakradze, the new chairman worked in the parliament in direction of Human Rights and he has a big experience.
10:13 26.07.2012
David Bakradze to present a new Auditor-General – Lasha Tordia today
Georgian parliament speaker David Bakradze will present new Auditor-General of the State Audit Office – Lasha Tordia today.
16:31 25.07.2012
Panjikidze: groups for monitoring the process of spending allocated money will be created in “Georgian dream”
According to Maia Panjikidze, the press-speaker of Bidzina Ivanishvili, groups for monitoring the process of spending money allocated for the aid of the disaster victims will be created in “Georgian dream”. Panjikidze made statement about it during the press-conference held today.
15:49 25.07.2012
Mikheil Machavariani: the fine paid by Ivanishvili is a part of his pre-election campaign
According to assessment of Machavariani, payment of the mentioned amount is a part of the election campaign of Ivanishvili. He said the state will decide itself what the budget revenues will be spent on.
15:16 25.07.2012
The Audit service released statement regarding the fact of payment of a fine by Ivanishvili
As it is said in the statement, the State Audit Office will continue to react to all violations of the law in order to eradicate political corruption and counter violations of norms on the transparency of political finances.
13:08 25.07.2012
Turkey closes all the border-crossing points with Syria
Turkey’s trade and customs affairs Ministry ordered to lock all the control-checkpoints near the Syrian border. The Turkish media reported about it. Not long ago Turkish opposition forces occupied the crossing points, but soon released them.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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