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13:30 12.06.2012
James Appathuria has left Georgia
Within the visit, the Secretary General has opened the NATO week, as well as, has met with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Parliament Speaker and Vice Prime-Minister.
17:06 11.06.2012
Mikheil Saakashvili: students will have many privileges
According to one of the initiatives, from the next year the National Examinations will be free of charge and this year, they will have to pay 40 GEL.
16:40 11.06.2012
OSCE should come back to Georgia and stay
While most of the discussions during the OSCE meeting in Batumi focused on economic cooperation and energy security in the OSCE area, with a specific focus on the results achieved by Georgia over the last few years, an underlying issue was very much present in the room: the need to make concrete progress on the re-establishment of an OSCE Mission in Georgia.
16:09 11.06.2012
Sokhumi calls on the U.S. to approve document of Abkhazian citizen in its consulates
“We consider Clinton’s decision regarding Georgian, so-called, neutral passports, as mistake”, - is said in the statement and the concern is expressed that with this step “the U.S. risks to collectively punish Abkhazian people”.
11:44 11.06.2012
Meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian sides will be hold on the territory of Georgia
On June 16, in the village Tekla, Marneuli region, in Georgia, Azerbaijani and Armenian peacekeepers will met each-other and talk about recent tensed situation.
10:05 11.06.2012
A small number of people on Kutaisi rally made leaders of “Georgian dream” upset
Expectations of the organizers of the demonstration was to see millions of people there, however, this expectionas was not justified.
15:01 09.06.2012
Mikheil Khubutia will be an advisor of Putin
The chairman of the Union of Georgians in Russia, Mikheil Khubutia, became a member of the National Council of Vladimir Putin.
14:33 09.06.2012
Ahmet Yimaya: it is honor for Turkey to go with the flow of time along with Georgia
He said if one day the world was re-created and the God asked Turkey which country it would like to have in neighbors, Turkey’s choice would be Georgia.
11:08 09.06.2012
Sokhumi and Tskhinvali protest the term “occupation”
With a joint statement the puppet regimes of Abkhazia and Tskhivanili asked all the “subjects of international law” to refrain from useing the term “occupation” and “occupied territories” towards them.
10:52 08.06.2012
Lukashevich: Clinton encourages Georgian government to outbreak a new armed conflict in Caucasus
Official Representative of Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich says that Hillary Clinton’s support for a neutral passports issue does not create constructive atmosphere for the discussions scheduled today in Geneva.
10:34 08.06.2012
James Appathuria will arrive in Georgia on June 11
The goal of the meetings is to discuss results of the Chicago Summit held on May 20-21 of the current year and future plans for Georgia’s integration to NATO.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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