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09:58 03.05.2012
“National movement” is a leader of IRI political ratings
On the question - if the presidential elections are scheduled tomorrow, which presidential candidate will you choose? – the results were the following: Candidate of “National movement” – 37%, “Georgian dream” – 19%, “Christian-democratic movement – Giorgi Targamadze – 10%.
14:29 02.05.2012
One part of Georgian Parliament construction works will be completed till May 26
One part of Georgian Parliament building construction works will be completed till May 26. The building will have glass façade, session halls, well-looking corridors and a yard.
12:58 02.05.2012
Azerbaijan chairs UN Security Council
Azerbaijan has obtained a chairmanship of the UN Security Council for the first time. As Azerbaijani media reports based on UN information center, already in May, the issue of existed situation in the Middle East, as well as, the issue of nuclear nonproliferation, will be discussed on the UN Security Council.
12:46 02.05.2012
Meeting of EU – Georgia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee will be held in Tbilisi
As Parliament press-service informed the “”, 14th session of EU – Georgia Parliamentary cooperation commission will be held today in the legislative body.
15:10 01.05.2012
MIA: the flow of visitors from Russia increased four times
The Internal Affairs Ministry of Georgia published statistical data about the persons, who passed the state border.
13:54 01.05.2012
Manana Manjgaladze: already several private organizations responded to the president’s initiative
As Manjgaladze said today at the conference, the fact, that already several private organizations responded to the president’s initiative with a readiness to provide the students with significant advantages, is welcomed.
13:00 01.05.2012
Power of a Parliament Speaker will be considered terminated immediately after declaring a public statement
According to the proposed amendments, a Speaker has a right to publicly declare about his decision to resign without any explanations, after what the legislative body will consider it as a note at the next nearest plenary session.
10:27 01.05.2012
Policy regarding Deputy Rights is changing
Consideration of new regulations is started in the parliament, where rights of Deputies will be reviewed. From legislators’ rights few details have not been included in the project unlike the current regulations.
14:20 30.04.2012
The Parliament may discuss the case of the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky
Adoption of such a law will prove once again that Georgia will never tolerate the violation of the human rights, regardless of which country’s citizen is a victim of the violation and who is an offender.
14:19 30.04.2012
Andrius Kubilius: Georgia is a number first reformer, it deserves EU membership
Lithuanian Prime Minister, Andrius Kubilius, who is in Georgia with an official visit, expressed his support towards Georgia’s sovereignty and independence once again.
14:15 30.04.2012
Consideration of the constitutional amendments is started in the Parliament
According to the information of the head of Legal Issues Committee, Pavle Kublashvili, discussion of the constitutional amendments will be started on May 4.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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