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13:00 26.09.2012
“Georgian dream” does not make any serious comment on revealed connection of members of the coalition with thieves
Coalition “Georgian dream” calls absurd to the video material spread by the Internal Affairs Ministry, where connection of the two members of the coalition, Kakha Kaladze and Gubaz Sanikidze, with the so-called thieves-in-law is detected.
09:47 26.09.2012
Today a protest march will take place in Tbilisi
Students will move in direction of the Chancellery and their main slogan will be – “Do not rig the elections”.
14:05 24.09.2012
Public Defender demands immediate investigation of situation in Ksani establishment
Acting Public Defender of Georgia, Tata Khuntsaria, has addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, Murtaz Zodelava, with a proposal to launch an investigation immediately into the facts described in the explanatory note of convicts held in the Ksani Establishment No. 15
11:18 24.09.2012
Tbilisi House of Justice has already served 1300 people
The building is already receiving the citizens. According to the Chief Manager of the House of Justice, from the morning till now, more than 1300 people benefited from House of Justice in a different field.
10:02 24.09.2012
The police will is to leave the penitentiary establishments
Today, the police will leave the penitentiary establishments. According to the statement of the Minister, the system is fully controlled; living conditions of the inmates will be improved soon too.
12:51 22.09.2012
Giorgi Tugushi calls on the media outlets to stop showing the video footage of torture of inmates
While speaking with journalists after the meeting with the inmates, Tugushi called on all the media outlets to stop showing video footage of torture of the prisoners.
13:39 21.09.2012
Ilia II: what happened in Georgia, happens in other countries too, but the topic is not open
“The things that we have seen is a shame of the nation and Georgia, we do not lack unrests in our country. I ask you as my children, do not make the mess in our everyday life, we already do not lack it, on the contrary, students should do everything to establish peace and virtue”, - the Patriarch said.
12:30 21.09.2012
Giorgi Tugushi: penitentiary system to be manned with new staff
“Everything will be solved step by step, it is possible that some unworthy people are still left in the system, however, everything will be cleaned up. Everyone will be punished and charged, including ordinary employees. However, it is important for all to realize that this change cannot be made in 5 minutes”, - Tugushi said.
09:37 21.09.2012
The Orthodox Church celebrates birth of Virgin Mary
Today Georgian Orthodox Apostolic Church celebrates the Ever-Virgin Mary’s birth. The solemn mass has been conducted from the morning in all the churches of the Georgia.
12:12 20.09.2012
BBC publishes an article about events developed in Georgia
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has suspended the country's entire prison staff and prison officers, including high ranking officials, amid protests over video footage showing prisoners apparently being abused by guards – the influential media source reports.
10:23 20.09.2012
Representatives of the Public Defender completed monitoring in Gldani Penal Establishment
The Public Defender’s representatives left the Gldani Penal Establishment No. 8 at 00:40. 
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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