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Reuters: “Georgian railway” stocks will be sold on London Stock Exchange
11:03 17.05.2012
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According to “Reuters” information, “Georgian railway” shares will be sold on London Stock Exchange (LSE).

The agency reports based on anonymous source that the authorities plan to sell the shares at price from $800mln to $1,000 mln.  

According to the information of the same agency, Georgia plans to raise up to $250 mln from initial public offering.   

Moreover, the “Reuters” stated, that it will sell up to 25 percent of shares in the state railway monopoly through an Initial Public Offering.

“Books on the offering opened on Wednesday and were expected to close on May 23, the company said, with its market debut set for May 24”, - the “Reuters” reported. 

For clarifying the situation “” contacted the spokesperson of “Georgian railway”. According the head of the railway press-service, Irma Stepnadze, department of Ezugbaia will make comment regarding the mentioned topic till the end of the day.    

As for the question of “” – weather is the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia carrying out talks with foreign investors regarding “railway stocks” or not – Verak Kobalia’s department has given no answer.

აღდგომის დღეებში, სასწრაფო სამედიცინო დახმარების ცენტრში 6290 გამოძახება დაფიქსირდა
ცოლის მკვლელობისთვის ბრალდებულს 11 წელი მიესაჯა
სამეგრელოში ხე-ტყის უკანონო ტრანსპორტირების ფაქტი გამოვლინდა
"თურქეთში ჩატარებული რეფერენდუმის შედეგები დიქტატორად არ გადამაქცევს"
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