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14:54 06.09.2012
Prosecutor’s office is asking for 4 years imprisonment of a sergeant who led a soldier till suicide
Gori military unit sergeant 26-years-old Tengiz Gelashvili is accused of leading 19-years-old Koba Makharashvili to the condition of committing suicide. As the prosecutor’s press-office head, Khatuna Iosava told “”, the suspect has already been arrested.
10:56 03.09.2012
MIA announced the names of militants liquidated in Lopota valley
Due to high public interest, we would like to provide you with new information about the identity of persons liquidated as a result of the special operation in the valley Lopota. As a result of expertise of bodies, examination and conducted investigation activities, it became possible to specify identity of 7 from 11 liquidated persons.
17:28 01.09.2012
The officers of General Inspection detained the former senior inspector-investigator of Qutaisi Police Division
According to the information of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Georgia, he is accused of the misuse of power.
16:25 01.09.2012
Police detained Levan Khachaturian for damaging the fence of “Georgian dream” office
According to the information of the MIA, he damaged the fence surrounding “Georgian Dream” office at certain areas and verbally assaulted those who were in the office.
13:38 27.08.2012
Internal Affairs Ministry spreads a special statement in connection with the murder case of head of Zhinvali municipality
According to the information of the Ministry, an investigation into the case was launched by Mtskheta-Mtianeti Regional Police Division under the article 108 (premeditated murder)of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
13:03 27.08.2012
The suspect in murder of Zhinvali Governor is arrested
Zura Badagadze is suspected in the murder of the head of Zhinvali municipality, Beso Buzaladze, appeared to the police in two hours after the murder and gave confession.
17:43 10.08.2012
Drugs affected man plucked out eyes of his friend’s
Rudy Eugene eat’s 65 years old’s Ronald Poppo’s face and plucked out his eyes. According to the victim, it is unknown why Rudy attack him. However, not long before Eugene talked about how they Killed together.
15:50 10.08.2012
Caretaker broke the skull to 13-year-old girl's during the beating
A Tulsa woman is behind bars after bringing a 13-month-old baby with a fractured skull, black eye and bite marks to a hospital Saturday.
14:20 10.08.2012
Excessive speed of the moving car crashed into the scooter (VIDEO)
Video footage shows the driver of the Nissan moving excessive speed and beings to scooter which cames from opposite side.
14:56 08.08.2012
In lake was found 6 years-old girl’s dead body
It appeared the two had been wading into the water before the incident. Autopsy was conducted to determine the cause of death. Examination revealed that before the incident, two people were in the water.
09:59 08.08.2012
For the manufacture of counterfeit medicines arrested 2000 people
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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