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11:03 03.05.2012
Sandro Grigolia, suspected for the murder occurred in Hague, was arrested
Sandro Grigolia wanted for the murder occurred in Hague was arrested today in the morning. Information about arresting 19-years-old Grigolia was spread on Dutch police official site and was, also, reported by local televisions.
17:05 18.04.2012
Murderer of Georgian anti-racist is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment
Yuri Tikhomirov attacked Japaridze at his house and shot him in head with a traumatic pistol several times. His accomplice Beklagin struck Ilia with a knife 26 times. There was also a third accomplice, who was waiting gang members in the car.
10:56 18.04.2012
Person suspected in attack on Ankvab committed suicide in isolator
Already second person, suspected in the attack on Alexander Ankvab, killed himself. “Life-News” reported, that someone named Khutaba, participant of the attack on Ankvabi carried out on February 22, hang himself in the investigation isolator. He was arrested few days ago.
15:11 12.04.2012
Breivik, who murdered 77 people, is afraid to be killed
Norwegian terrorist informed the prison administrators and police that he knows names of those 10 people, who want to kill him. Breivik said that he gets threatening letters in the prison by post.
15:22 11.04.2012
Lawyer refrains from making any comment regarding Zubiashvili’ case
As the company of the lawyer said to “”, Gabunia will refrain from any comment regarding this case, until the investigation is underway
10:28 11.04.2012
Kaczynski’s aircraft was robbed by the militaries after its disaster
According to the investigation data, they took money from the credit cards belonging to deceased passengers of Ty-154, in particular, to the Polish president and members of the government.
16:21 10.04.2012
Man beat and wounded his wife with a knife
In Tbilisi, Gldani District, young man beat and wounded his wife with a knife. Reportedly, the couple was going to divorce and, presumably, it has become reason for the conflict.
10:03 07.04.2012
Doctors believe that Whitney Houston was boiled to death
Doctors think that “the singer was boiled to death in the hot water”. This doubt was explained by the fact that the water in the bath, where Houston’s was found dead, was still “boiling” few hours after occurrence of death.
16:07 06.04.2012
The reason for arresting employees of security police has become incident started because of a girl
As the Mtskheta governor Temur Abashidze said to “” the exact reason is to be determined, however the fight in the village Misaqtsieli has happened because of a girl.
16:05 06.04.2012
Georgian women were arrested on charges of trafficking
Accused ones were trying to take young Georgian girls to Turkey as if with a purpose of employment, but in reality, they wanted to make them involved in prostitution.
16:29 05.04.2012
Bangladesh citizens were arrested for the illegal detention of a person
Detainees have illegally deferred citizen of Bangladesh Mohammed Rahman on April 3, 2012 asking for ransom (5 000 U.S. dollars) to his family.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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