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The robot Running by the Nasa landed on Mars
12:38 06.08.2012
Engineers and scientists who have worked on this project for the best part of 10 years punched the air and hugged each other.
17:06 03.08.2012
Aspirin may cause esophagus cancer
The scientists conducted research on 434 patients. Finally, they concluded that those who took aspirin often had a higher risk for the emergence of esophagus cancer.
10:39 23.07.2012
Solariums promote malignant cancer
According to the conclusion of the World Health Organization, 75% of those people, who use a solarium, have melanoma – a malignant tumor - developed at the age of 30.
11:30 20.07.2012
A new planet is discovered
Scientists have discovered a new planet at a distance of 33 light-years away, relatively close, which is smaller than earth. Planet Earth's new neighbor is named UCF 1:01. Presumably, it is not a nice place. Surface temperature of 538 degrees Celsius, has no atmosphere, and the surface of the melt.
11:55 03.07.2012
Coffee prevencts the emergence of skin cancer
Researchers looked at data from more than 112 000 people, and they say one-fourth of those studied developed basal cell carcinoma over a 20 year period.
15:32 28.06.2012
Scientists have invented a vaccine against nicotine
"DNA vaccine" against nicotine, that make antibodies against nicotine, could help millions of smokers kick the habit.
12:56 17.05.2012
On Sunday hundreds of millions of people will see the “Fire ring”
The event, which lasts 45 minutes, will take place in the western part of the United States and South Asia
15:41 09.05.2012
Soon the Islamic alternative of “Facebook” will start working
The Huge social network “Facebook” starts up its several-billions investment business in New York. The social network creates new site, BUZZ.
11:36 10.04.2012
Doctors have found anti-cancer vaccine
Thus, preliminary results from early clinical trials have shown the vaccine can trigger an immune response in patients and reduce levels of disease and it is especially effective for the breast and prostate cancer.
11:54 31.03.2012
Americans will use fleas and cockroaches as spies
Wheel robot – “Sand Flea” is able to jump above 9 meters, while walking “robot-cockroach” –Rhex is successfully able to move freely on the mountain relief full with dirt and swim under water.
12:23 24.03.2012
Georgian scientists have created medical preparations for asthmatic cough and bronchitis
The medical preparation of spasmodic, asthmatic cough and bronchitis is produced with the endemic species plant Caucasian ivy and is intended for people of all ages.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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